How Much Does a Logo Cost?

People don’t always realize what goes into creating a lasting impression with your logo and brand so the question remains, “How Much Does a Logo Cost?” At BrownDogDesign, we get this question on a daily basis and it deserves some time to answer. The short response is that a logo can cost anywhere between $5.00 to $500,000.00. So how do YOU figure out what a logo should cost for YOUR business? Firstly, know what you are paying for. An accomplished designer with years of experience, knowledge of the marketplace, and a great aptitude for design is worth a lot more than ordering a generic design online from an unknown source. Secondly, many people don’t realize that the value of a well-designed logo also includes the longevity of that design. What you are paying for is spread out over the lifespan of using that logo. Your logo is designed once, but stays and touches every aspect of your business for the duration of your business.

Society has a fuzzy view when it comes to the value of a logo. It’s important to understand that when you pay someone to create a logo, you’re paying for their creativity in bringing you something that is unique and will help you stand apart in your target market and beyond. You want your logo to represent your business in the best way. With websites that crowd-source logos, the customization and understanding of your unique business is not there, and neither is the potential for building your brand.


Creative ability vs. technical ability.

Creativity has a dollar value and typically it is higher than the technical ability needed to learn software. Graphic designers go through years of training in typography, color theory, and design. An accomplished graphic designer has garnered substantial experience observing and seeing what is correct and incorrect in the marketplace. This is a huge benefit to clients who need to rely on these skills as part of the creative process. There’s more behind the scenes than only designing the logo. 40 ideas may be thrown out while five or six of the best ones are delivered to the client. People often imagine what their logo should look like, whereas an experienced graphic designer can already see it in their head because they’ve been designing for a long time. When you find someone you trust, trust them to know what will work and why for your particular business.

Things to remember in your logo design development:

·      Recognize that consistent use of a logo or brand mark on all business marketing efforts can bring in new business and revenue.

·      Rely on your graphic designer as a sounding board for all things marketing in your business as it relates back to your brand.

·      Recognize the importance of a good tagline and don’t be afraid to change it up every three to five years as a fresh marketing/PR opportunity for your brand. (More on that in a future blog).

If you’re interested in seeing how a great logo can help grow your business, give us a shout. We are here for you.

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