Thoughts on…how creativity can help you BUILD YOUR BUSINESS.

Twelve years ago I attended a conference in New Orleans about creativity.  At the time, I remember being struck by the speakers and how centered they seemed.  Most of the topics revolved around how to find the physical time and mental space to allow your mind to think creatively.

Today, after years of running my own business, and juggling what many of you do…current clients, potential clients, ongoing marketing efforts, and pesky tasks like payroll, I find myself thinking back to those speakers and what they recommended.  

Its simple really, the answer is to allow yourself to STOP.  Ok, I hear you saying, "How…when I am SO busy?".  We hear it from others and we know on some level it’s healthy, but how can we possibly put it into practice? Eckhart Tolle, in his book, The Power of Now, states that all artists create from a place of stillness, even if they are not aware of it and even the greatest scientists in the world have had the biggest break-throughs when they stepped away from the task at hand.  If you have ever had an idea in the shower, you have experienced this!

So what else might stopping look like, other than a morning shower?  For me, it means a bubble bath instead of a shower, treating myself to breakfast at my favorite diner with a few of my favorite trade publications….a walk with my favorite BrownDog, allowing time to recognize what colors the leaves are.

The point is, all of these things are "Business Builders".  As entrepreneurs, we go full tilt, sometimes even in our sleep, so call this time your 'Marketing Strategy Time" if it makes you feel better, but have confidence that your best ideas will come when you take the time to clear your mind and breathe.

Wish me luck in practicing what I preach!
Chanin Milnazik
Creative Alpha- BrownDogDesign


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