Our Services



Whether you need a logo developed for a new business or need to breathe new life into an established logo that holds equity for your business, we can deliver a cohesive BRAND strategy that's designed to get you noticed by your customers. Our BRANDING PACKAGE is built specifically to give you all the tools you need, including unique business cards, stationary and all the file formats you need for a social media campaign. 


A solid business has strong sales collateral. Examples include: brochures, sell sheets, white papers, flyers/posters, postcard mailings, and both print and web based newsletters. We provide everything you need to get your BRAND out there and recognized – and in the process, generate more business for your company.


Standing out at a crowded trade show is always a challenge, but one that can reap huge benefits in brand exposure.  Lean on us for unique and creative ideas that can also be surprisingly cost effective.  Thinking out-of-the-box is a daily activity in the BROWNDOGDESIGN office.



We’ve designed quite a few, and we work with programmers tailored to fit your needs and your budget. We absolutely won’t try to fit you into a template; each site is designed specifically to fit the needs of your business and reflect and build your BRAND.


Owner and “Creative Alpha” Chanin Milnazik has been helping businesses through strategic branding and graphic design for over 20 years. Possessing an uncanny ability to listen and understand clients’ needs, she executes projects with unbridled passion and creativity.

If you are considering starting a business, Chanin offers a unique birds eye view perspective.

Many entrepreneurs go into business because they have a skill-set they think others will pay for, and while that is the basis for a good company, the idea that you need to get out there and sell yourself is often a surprise.  Thinking about your brand messaging from the beginning and targeting it to your customer can alleviate some early stresses, and set you up for business success.

Our Approach


The first step is getting to know each other and finding out if we are a good fit.  Tell us about your business goals and your challenges! We work with people we like, and often clients turn into friends.  If we're not the right fit, we’ll gladly help you find other resources that can help you.


Once we have an idea of what you need, whether it's a marketing strategy, full brand development or simply refreshing an existing brand - we will give you an easy-to-digest estimate and time frame.

Upon your approval, and a deposit, we'll get our creativity flowing!


This is the part we love – the fresh, outside-the-box, conceptual thinking.  For brand/logo development, we typically execute 5-8 sketches (budget permitting).  For projects such as printed collateral or web design, we'll get going and present our ideas to you at the earliest stages. This ensures that the project stays on target and you are fully-engaged in the process to move the needle forward.


Projects usually go through 2-3 rounds of edits.  We like to get these from you in writing so there's no confusion. Once we have your final approval, we're off to press (or the web)!  We can handle all the printing for you cost-effectively.  This also ensures the highest quality final product.